Interview With Decco

How did you first team to with James Gillespie?  We had this little idea for a song we’d been messing around with. We wanted to do a song with somebody with a powerful voice with lots of character. My (Sebastian) sister Florence played ya James’ music and we loved it immediately. Our publishing put us in touch and we met in London for a session.

How long did you spending recording I Didn’t Know? I think we were done pretty quickly once we had all the parts in place. James is an amazing singer and writer. We did all the main bits in a day but met a few months later in Vienna to record the bridge.

What’s the story behind I didn’t know? The song is about not knowing how badly you need someone. thinking your OK and pretending to everyone around you. but in reality – you can’t imagine life without them. 

You’ve worked with Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez and John Legend to name a few what was it like producing for them? How does the process work with producing with different artists?  We love writing with artists because you can create something that is personal to them and they can feel connected to the music in a different way. Everyone is different and has their own process how they like to work and we have to figure out how to get the best out of that person even when there’s not much time.

How does it feel to be releasing your own music to producing for other artists? We love it. We still get to collaborate with our the artists but there is a little more creative freedom. Also being involved with the visuals is a lot of and makes a nice change.

Do you have an album ready for release? We have a lot of songs lined up and we are definitely thinking about putting an album together but at the moment it makes more Song to drop a few more songs and build our profile.

Are there any songs on radio at the minute that you wish you had been producers on?  100%. We’re loving the Ava Max stuff right now. It’s really solid pop with classic melodies without trying to be too cool. The Harry Styles production is incredible too.

Do you have plans to tour in the future?  Yes we’d love to! As soon as this madness is over of course. It would be great to mix up the electronic stuff with some live instruments and put together a little club tour. 

What’s a typical studio day like for you?  We live in two different countries, Austria and Sweden so at the moment it starts off with a long call about what needs to be done. Creatively and also the business side. There’s usually a good deal of banter first. Then it’s studio time, trying to figure out how a song works best, trying out dozens of different versions … keys, tempos, styles. Also lots of time getting vocals sounding perfect.   

What have you missed the most during lock down?  We love travelling. We always meet up somewhere else to work with artists and write songs. London, LA, México, Berlin … it’s so inspiring to see new places plus we are both huge foodies and love eating out or finishing the day at a wine bar somewhere.We can’t wait to get back on the road but it’s also been good because we finally had time to focus on productions and work without quite so much time stress.
Plans for the rest of 2020?  We have a few songs coming out with different artists and working on our next release too.

Anything you’d like to add that I haven’t asked within this interview?  

Stay healthy X

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Interview With Decco

How did you first team to with James Gillespie?  We had this little idea for a song we’d been messing around with. We wanted...

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