Breeze Brand New interview With Music Promotions

Albert Anderson from Breeze recently spoke with Music Promotions about Life in the band, New Music, Touring, songwriting, and more besides.

1. You’re back with the new single “She’s Got It” What is your best description of this song?

The best description of this song is “a nostalgic yet refreshing indie ballad”. There are many inspirations that created the final sound/mix of the song – it could stand the test of time

2. This song got a 90s vibe to it, you’re inspired by 90s music? Any music from the 90s in particular?

We have all sorts of eras that inspire our music however the 90s is deffo one of the main eras for us. It was a great era for band music! There are so many great bands  – however some that come to mind as inspirations of ours are Oasis, Pulp, and Radiohead.

3. Music has changed a lot since the 90s what it’s your opinion on the music industry right now and the music that is being streamed and heard on radio?

I believe that the indie scene is coming back around and the music scene has done one great big circle and it’s now the indie genre’s turn to take the spotlight. However, I’m yet to see a band take over and make a noise like how Oasis, Blur, and other big bands did. There just don’t seem to be songs coming around in the charts that are as meaningful/memorable as the top bangers of the 90s!

4. Having formed in 2021 how much have you changed as a band?

To be fair as a band we haven’t got to that stage of changing hairstyles and wearing funky clothes as the Beatles did but it’s definitely on the bucket list but we will wait for the fame before that happens!😂

5. Does your current single give a good indication of how your next singles will be heard?

“She’s Got It” is a strong song so a great song can only mean a greater future and with a greater future there are 100% great songs to come!

6. What is your creative process?

When I’m writing the songs myself: I wouldn’t say there’s creative progress, as such. I’m constantly on my acoustic guitar and some songs come to me within 5 minutes and others take months and months! All the songs are written on acoustic and from there I can hear exactly what instruments/ sounds I’ll need in the songs!

The lyrics to all of my songs have some sort of story behind them the inspiration comes from whatever is happening/ how I feel at that moment in time in life!

7. From supporting James Arthur to your own tours, what have been some of your touring highlights so far?

There’s been a fair few: one of them was having people sing back one of our songs that are unreleased – which is mental ‘cos how on earth did they know the songs?! The audience of about 150 people caught on to our catchy chorus and were singing back the lyrics one of the best feelings to have as a band!

8. Any particular venues that stand out?

Some of our favorite venues to play are Brid Spa, O’ Rileys Hull, and The Polar Bear – top venues for Bands!

9. Do you have any more touring plans you can discuss right now?

We do have something in the works, however, all will be revealed regarding tour plans ad we have some very exciting stuff in the works! However, we can say if you want to catch us performing a great set we are at this year’s Y Not festival on the allotment stage on the Sunday!

10. Album to be released this year?

The album is 100% on the bucket list but I think we will wait for the record deal it’s hard as an unsigned band to record promoting tracks with your own money!

11. When you’re writing and recording, who’s the first person you’re excited to listen to what you have created?

I would say my dad (Richard Anderson) he’s always been a big influence musically on us he’s the reason we all know how to play the instruments we do and sing he even passed down his taste in music!

12. Your personal music Recommendations?

At the moment Music recommendations I’ve been recently listening to Black Keys, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Tame Impala.

13. Anything further you’d like to discuss that I haven’t asked you about?

Make sure to add us on social media @breezeisaband and don’t forget to stream our music on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms. We also have four music videos out on YouTube don’t forget to like and SUBSCRIBE to our channel!


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