Laura Aston Music Promotions Interview

One of the most down to earth singer songwriters Ive interviewed, Talented country singer Laura Aston spoke to Music Promotions about her upcoming tour, working on her original album, Instagram performing and much more. 

How are excited are you to going back on tour for three shows later this year?

Will you be adding to the dates for across the UK? I am so ready now, I get so excited every time I think about it, it gives me that goosebumps feeling, this has been postponed for over a year now, so when the day finally comes and I’m on that stage it’s just going to be the best feeling in the world. We are in talks with it at the moment, myself and management for 2020, I’m not saying that we won’t add any more dates for this year but we are playing it by ear but we are definitely arranging a tour for 2022.  

 What can we expect from you live? 

To be honest what you see is what you get with me, if you have seen my covers its very raw, every cover I do is live on my bed recorded from my phone singing into a microphone, with the shows it’s going to be the atmosphere and with the band it’s going to be incredible. Ive been doing band rehearsals and I get so excited because it sounds phenomenal, it just brings the songs to life so you can expect fun, dance, joy, laughter, maybe a few tears and just the excitement of it all as it’s been a long time coming.  It’s always been a lifelong dream of mine to headline my own show and if someone would have said it five years ago I would have never of believed it, I’m really looking forward to doing it the way I have always wanted to do it and bringing my own flavor to the country scene, I’m not picky when it comes to performing as long as I have a stage and a microphone and an audience that want to hear me, I will sing anywhere.  

Have you always wanted to be a country artist? 

Ive always loved country music, I did dabble in pop for a while but that’s because if I’m being honest, it’s what I thought people wanted, where I am from country is not popular at all. In doing that I released I wasn’t enjoying it and my heart wasn’t in it, country is what I enjoy and that’s what I wanted to stick to, I love doing it the most so when I did country everything started to happen for me so the morale of the story is stick to doing what you enjoy. 

You do a lot of covers on your Instagram; how do you decide which ones you are going to sing next? Which have been some of your favorite songs that you have covered? 

I am really lucky they just come to me and if manage to pull it off and it sounds good I will do it, it mainly comes from if I enjoy the song, if I feel the song hence why I do a lot of Patsy Klein and Dolly, I really feel that classic country music it really resonates with me and I feel I can deliver it better rather than doing a song that I don’t particular like, so yeah I’m quite lucky in that respect so if I have to go a week and no song comes to me I won’t post that week I will only post if a song comes to me that I really enjoy singing. Pasty Klein is always one of my favorites, I did a Fleetwood Mac cover ‘Dreams’ and even though that’s not country that is one of my favorite songs that I have covered. What I tend to do if I’m not singing a country song, I will put a country twist on it like a bit of country twang and almost turn it country.  

Would you like to travel to Nashville to song write? 

Definitely that’s been one of my dreams for a long time and I think I am going to take the plunge and go over there, I really want to go and see what the scene is all about and see what kind of country music they like over there because Ive been told that they enjoy the classic country which is amazing for me because that’s what I do and just go over there and experience it and go to the grand opry I think any country artists dream is to perform there, performing there would be a pinch me moment. 

 You have a huge following through your social media, do you think this is the best way of showcasing your music rather than the reality Tv route? 

100%, Social media has been a blessing for me, I know it’s a curse for a lot of people but for me it’s been a blessing because Ive built a platform and people have been enjoying what I do and to be honest with you id never want to go on these reality shows because I like to be in control with what I’m doing, I like to reply back to my lovely amazing followers and choose what songs I’m singing and choose the way I look, choose everything, when you go on these reality shows I feel that is taken away from some people and I am defiantly happy with where I’m at and I will stick with the social media. 

Did you ever think when you first started how big it would all go? 

This Is why I did it, I hoped that one day I would blow up and have that viral video, id visualized it over and over again in my head and it happened, but you still can’t prepare for it when it happens, it such an incredible feeling, so much gratitude and excitement, it motivates me so much more.  

Are you currently working on music for release? 

I am working on my original album at the moment but I do believe we are going to have a single before the album, I did post a sneak peak of my single it’s called ‘Feelings’ its very old school Patsy Klein style that is my vision for the album I want to bring back that old school country vibe because I know my style is that kind of country.  For me I can’t really write about anything else that real life events because music is all about feeling it, it can be something as silly as walking down the street or having your heartbroken, being cheated on all that good old country stuff. I think that everyone has experienced all that kind of stuff and as long I’m honest with what I am writing then hopefully people will be able to relate to it. 

As a songwriter, where does your inspiration come from? and what artists inspire you musically? 

So many!! Patsy Klein would be at the top of my list I watched her movie last night ‘Sweet Dreams’. Miranda Lambert, I love her music, I sometimes find her music to be old school country, I love her attitude I think she would be good fun to work with. Dolly of course has to be on the list because she is Dolly Parton and is incredible, I would love to work with her because she has had a long career, I’d love to ask her so many questions and maybe she can teach me a few things.  


Where have been some of your favorite venues to perform at? As long as I have a stage and a microphone, I’m happy to perform any where I just love performing regardless of where I am.  


What are your plans for this year?  
I have band rehearsals ahead of the upcoming shows with the first show in Birmingham which is now the 18th July and Milton Keyes on the 23rd of October, this year is going to be spent perfecting the show and making sure it’s everything I’ve wanted it to be and carrying on with the covers, perfecting the original album and getting the single ready for release. There is a lot going on behind the scenes at the moment to, perfecting everything at the moment is my plan so hopefully come my first show we smash it and it goes incredible. 

Final Messages?   
Thank you for having me on it’s been a pleasure talking to you.  


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