Cassa Jackson Music Promotions Interview for New song “Space” out now

Photo credit: Adam Brazier
Hair and Makeup: Molly Cox
Styling: Chloe Oldridge

Back with the third single from this trio of songs, Cassa Jackson releases “Space” which is out Now. See the Link below to stream it.

“Space” follows on from “Reset Me” and “Turning Point” from the breakup era to the loved-up happy era, Cassa takes her fans on a journey with her music through the highs and lows, coming through the heartbreak and resetting into a happy place.

Cassa speaks exclusively to Music promotions about the final song in this collection of songs, shooting the music video with ‘Adam Braizer’ which is stunning, just a simple vocal video which sets the tone nicely and follows on from “Turning Point” and “Reset Me” colourful vocal video’s.

Your surprise third single Space, what can you say about it?

Space is the 3rd single of the trio of songs I have been releasing, and it is all about the start of a relationship and the excitement, all the new opportunities that come with that, it’s basically about wanting to get lost in someone’s love like being lost in the space.

Was the writing process long or short?

This one was very quick to write, sometimes, you can end up thinking over the verse and the lyrics, I wrote this with ‘Nath Brooks’ who I also wrote “Suits U” and “Parallel Universe”. “Space” took half a day, it just seemed to flow naturally. It was so obvious what it was going to be about, and it was just such a vibe that this was quite easy to write.

With Space coming out, it follows on from Reset Me and Turning Point. Are there any more songs coming from this set of songs, or will this be the final one?

I do have lots of other songs, but this is the 3rd and final one of the trio that I’ve been releasing they are going to come out as a mini-project. So, they will all be in one place for people to listen to, “Space” then “Turning Point” and “Reset Me” all lumped together as a trio. It is quite a nice vibe because you have a similar style in terms of piano-led ballads. “Space” is a bit more of an epic ballad, but it is a similar listening experience.

The music video can you talk more about the making of the video?

The music video was filmed at Adam Brazier’s studio, he did very similar music videos for both Reset Me and Turning Point and with Space we wanted it to fit with the whole trio of this project. Reset Me is already out, as is Turning Point and they are almost like a ‘colours’ music video in the sense that they are very stripped back, just a visual of me performing the song, which allows you to focus on the lyrics and listen to the song without being overly distracted by what’s going on.

Who shot the video for Space?

It is filmed with Adam Brazier @adambrazier who has shot all 3 as a vocal reel.

Do you have a makeup artist and stylist who works with you for the video shoots?

My makeup for all 3 of the videos was done by a girl called Molly Cox, who is on Instagram as @makeupbymoless and she just made me look lovely, so big thanks to her. Space is my favourite out of all the three that we did because I love the outfit, which, again, my stylist Chloe Oldridge @flofashionstyling picked. And it just really goes with the song. I am pleased with this one.

Do you prefer the intimate to the big arenas for the setting of your music?

I love the variety. I love a big show. I have done a lot of arenas; these songs are so special to me in the sense that the whole point of them is the journey towards healing.

Talk about your journey with your music with this release trio.

So, traditionally, I have done a lot of breakup songs, a lot of songs about being in unhappy relationships and now I am taking the listeners through what I have been through, like with Turning Point when you are getting over that previous relationship.

And then “Space” is kind of in the middle where you meet someone new, and it is all exciting, and you are getting to know that person.

Then Reset Me is once you have been with them while and you feel like you have been reset. So, in terms of a step-by-step guide on how to get over heartbreak and move on.

The new songs are the healing process?

It is more like I have gotten through it, and I am over it. And now I get to sing these songs as my job, which is just the coolest thing ever, also I can see in people’s faces that they have listened to a song on repeat, and they have gotten over a similar situation. When people message me telling me how it has helped them, it just makes me so happy.

Last year, you travelled the world. Did that help you reset, create new memories and move forward in your songwriting?

Yes a million per cent, that is what Reset Me is all about. That’s exactly how I felt when I came back and also in my relationship, we’ve made so many memories, and I generally feel like I’m in such a happy place. I was writing the whole time I was away., that is why I’ve got so much music coming. And, we’ve just gained so much life experience, and that’s why all of my songs are personal. I’m not just making any of it up. You know what I mean? Every lyric means so much to me and its specific moments. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to go and explore to develop my sound. You have to experience everything to be able to write something and to feel it.

You’re now in a new era would that be a good description of your music moving forward?

Yes, I feel like, as you said, I’m in a new era now. And I’m happy that everyone has come on board with that era because I was honestly worried that people love the breakup songs, they love the sassy songs about relationships, and I was thinking, I hope people relate to this new era.

I always joke it is like group therapy at my shows, but it is. It is amazing in a sense how many people have been in the situations that I have also been in because I just write from my own unique experience, we can all help each other through them, especially through music it is such a powerful tool to connect people.

Across the summer, what shows have you got coming up?

I haven’t officially announced the Mr. Gay World final that I am doing. That is going to be a big event. It’s in Newcastle. It’s a live broadcast, televised performance at the final of this massive competition. I’m excited about that at the end of August. I am also playing Silverstone Festival with Sophie Ellis Bextor and Busted and more.

And finally, before you announce any headline shows, will you be doing another one-off concert like August last year?

Watch this Space…





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