Grace Mouat Interview

Huge Music Promotions honour to interview West-end star Grace Mouat as she gives us an insight into playing all the queens in ‘Six the musical’, her current role in ‘&Juliet’, singing ‘Max Martin’ songs, what her own musical creation would be, her favourite costumes and more.

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Your currently in west end musical & Juliet, What’s your role in Juliet for any one who’s not had the chance to watch the show yet?

Yes! So I am in the ensmble where I play the role of Judith. The Shakespeare players have a really important job in the story telling of the show and we all play our own small roles throughout which is so much fun. I also cover the title role of Juliet.

Max Martin has wrote a lot of iconic pop hits over the years, what have been your favourite ones and how excited was you to be a part of performing them for &Juliet?
I knew performing Max Martins pop songs every night was going to be fun, but not as INCREDIBLY RIDICULOUS AND AMAZING as it actually has been! I love all his songs with Katy Perry and Ariana including Roar, Kissed A Girl and Break Free!

What is it like to be apart of the &Juliet cast and to be performing at Shaftesbury Theatre?

There is NOTHING like it! Watching such a huge scale musical develop has been an absolute honour. One of the reasons I think the experience has been so unique is the connection with the pop world. Max Martin and his wonderful family were a huge part of our creative process and the whole development of the show. They are the most humbling, fun, chill family and it was so incredible to work with them! Because of that connection with the pop world, big celebs popping in to watch became the norm which was CRAZY. The Shaftesbury is such a beautiful theatre and the staff are so lovely too so it feels like a huge family.

You’ve played all of the Queen’s in the musical Six what was that like? And which was your favourite Queen to play? It was such a challenge but also SO much fun. Again, being part of a brand new musical is an incredibly unique experience. I absolutely loved watching the show develop around us. It was great to put my own spin on all the different Queens and having so much support from the creative team in doing so. My favourite Queen to play by the end of the contract was Catherine of Aragon but it changed all the time! They’re all so amazing and have their individual elements that I love in each track.

With both Six and &Juliet how much rehearsals time do you have? I believe SiX was around 3/4 weeks and &Juliet was 5 however, we had also done a 5 week workshop a few months before which was super helpful!

When you leave a role, what do you take away from that particular role and how do you decide what role you’d like to take on next?

I learn so much from every role I play- lots about vocal placement, how I need to look after my voice when certain roles are particularly demanding, how different ways I may say a line may be received by an audience. In terms of the next role, I think that just comes from having certain shows/ styles of shows that you think you would like to take on!

What has been your most challenging roles in your career so far?

100% Juliet. Covering a title role in a musical comes with a LOT of pressure. However, it has been a dream of mine for such a long time so I pinch myself every time I do it. Plus, the & Juliet fans are so incredibly supportive of all of us covers which is just wonderful. The role is an absolute beast, you really have to be on the ball!

What would be your dream west end role? If we’re talking CURRENTLY in the West End, I’d love to give Eliza in Hamilton a go OR Elphaba (or even Glinda!). I’d also love to do Eurideces in Hadestown if it came back to the West End!Would you like to be apart of a movie musical like Mama Mia or Walking on Sunshine for instance? DEFINITELY! That would be an awesome experience! I have a big soft spot for Mamma Mia!

When your going into a new role what is whole process? How much training do you have?

You usually have 3-5 weeks (depending on the show) of rehearsals. If it’s for a big role or cover you may have some individual sessions with the Musical Director or Assistant Director to help find your own versions of the characters which is super beneficial. Some shows, they have ‘cover techs’ and ‘cover dress rehearsals’ so that all of the covers feel very secure before they go on. This is very important for a tech heavy show like & Juliet.

What have been your favourite costumes that you have worn?

My favourite costume is easily the pink, sparkly Roar costume from & Juliet. You can’t help but feel like a pop star in it!If you could create your own musical what would you want yours to be? I would love a Beyonce musical! About her life and with her music. #westend#Gracemouat#juliet#six#musical


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