The Adelaide’s Interview

The Adelaide’s recently spoke to Music Promotions about their new single ‘Seven Billion’ and their plans for next year plus much more.

The Adelaides

Can you tell everyone more about your single ‘Seven Billion’?

We wrote it last year in Nashville with our producer, we have always wanted a really powerful, positive, upbeat song that everyone could relate to, we are three girls and we sing about generic stuff like boyfriends, boys and that kind of thing. We wanted something that everyone could relate to, not just girls, especially in times like these, With social media, everyone can have an opinion on you and what it is you do and there is a lot of negativity. We wanted to say that everyone is special and unique in their own way, be proud of who you are, and don’t let anyone bring you down.

Will you be putting together an EP or full album or are you releasing singles when you can for now?

We were supposed to release our album anytime now, but decided it isn’t quite the right time at the moment. We couldn’t promote it in the way we would want to, so we have delayed that and it will now happen next year. For now we are focusing on our new single; maybe we will release another single before the album, but we haven’t had that conversation yet with our management. Our album is done we just need to decide which songs are going on it.

It’s all very different, there is definitely more country on there, more pop and we have some rockier songs: it’s a big mix of songs, the songs that we have put out so far say a lot about the rest of the songs, as they are all quite different.

You did a live version of Sanctuary, will you be releasing any more live versions of your music?

We may at some point. I think we will release the album and see what we fancy doing live after that, we do love doing live material. It’s funny because we have all these songs and they all sound so different, and the sound is so different when recorded with the full production, When we do them acoustically they can sound like a completely different song.

When you’re writing a song where does your inspiration come from?

It always comes from our own personal experiences, like with ‘Seven Billion’ we have all experienced so much negativity about the way we choose to express ourselves. We’ve experienced bullies in the past and we wanted to write a song about it, it’s important that other people can relate to our songs.

How does it feel to miss out on CMA this year?

Gutted, CMA would have been amazing. Also, C2C was cancelled very close to when it should have been on, we were really looking forward to it. We were also supposed to go on tour with the band Homefree. We had lots of stuff lined over the summer which has been either cancelled or postponed, it is something we are really gutted about but, at the same time, it makes us more excited to get back to it for next year. Next year is going to be one of the busiest years yet, so we have that to look forward to.

What have been some of your highlights of touring so far?

Just seeing so many different venues and meeting so many wonderful new fans. You just can’t beat it. Being able to play our songs to a wider range of people is the best feeling, you always end up making friends with the people you go on tour with it’s all been really nice: especially the Charles Esten tour, we had a great time.

Having performed both C2C in the U.K. and the US what is like performing in the US compared to the U.K.? What is the Atmosphere like?

It’s all pretty similar to be fair, they are more hard-core in America and the audiences are definitely bigger. There is something special about English Country Music fans though, they are very dedicated, so positive and open to hearing new artists. They are always looking to support the new artists, Country artists in the UK do need that support because it’s not as publicized over here as it is in America.  In America you have all the well-known artists and everyone’s really interested to hear them, but in the UK everyone is excited to hear new stuff which we love.

Any venues you haven’t had chance to perform at yet you’d like to?

The O2 Arena, it was one we were supposed to do in March hopefully if everything goes as planned next year we will do that one.

A lot of the concerts planned for this year are now next year, are you planning any of your own headline shows for 2021?

We will definitely do one, but not until after our album is out. We had to postpone our album partly because we wouldn’t be able to go out on tour and promote it properly. Once everything is back to normal and back on track it’s very much something we want to do.


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