KERRI WATT Speaks to Music Promotions about her debut album‘NEPTUNE’S DAUGHTER’, songwriters, being in the studio and much more.

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Neptune’s Daughter’ your new album, how long did you spend writing and recording it?  The songs were mostly written over a two, or three, month period back in the spring of 2018. I really wrote the record as a body of work back then. There were a couple of songs which were older that I hadn’t found a place for yet. So that was back 2018. By that summer I was ready to record the album, I travelled over to Austin, Texas, and recorded over there with some amazing session singers. It’s been a long time coming. It was supposed to come out in 2020 but for obvious reasons we put that off so it is great to be starting the new year with my debut album.  Do you think the places you record the album helps to bring it together more? Yes absolutely, it was gorgeous and sunny over there, it was in the country side, in this amazing big barn converted into a studio. It was just good happy sunny vibes which I think comes across in the songs.  Anywhere in the world you would love to record? I would love to record at the Blackbird studios in Nashville, it would be a dream to record there.  How did it feel to see it all finished and ready for release?  It’s felt like such long time coming because it has been recorded for a while and even before that, I have been touring since 2012. To see it all coming together and the support from my followers and the press, it feels like the perfect time. Can you tell us more about it? Talk us through some of the tracks? Which ones are you most looking forward to performing live?  The album is a blend of some my favourite genres, some rock, a bit of country, blues and soul and they all shine through in the different songs. One of my favourites is ‘Band Of Gold’ which is the current single. It’s a song about adventures and road trips, going to sunny places. There are some heavy, rockier moments like the opening track. I am really excited for people to see a different side to me, for the people who already know my music. Do you have an idea of the kind of music you want to record before you go into the studio? I usually sit down with either my guitar or at the piano and see where it takes me. The plan is always to write a good song and as it is written I can decide on how I want it to sound and what musical references would be good. I used ‘Train’ and ‘Sheryl Crow’ as references when recording ‘Neptune’s Daughter’. I am always thinking about that when it comes to the recording process.  What was it like working with the producer from Lamb of God and Clutch?  Machine, is an awesome guy to work with. He is very passionate and full of energy. He just brought out the best in me and found the parts of my voice and personality that have never come through in the music before. He was awesome hyping up the band and making us feel like a team when we were creating something together and that made the whole experience so much fun and I hope that people can hear that in the songs. Any songwriters you would love to work with? There are loads. If I was to pick someone, everyone knows now that my dream collaboration would be Sheryl Crow. Or John Mayer.  When it comes to song writing how do you find your inspiration?  Usually, it is something that has happened in my own life. If I am going through something or have a thought or an idea, I add it as a note on my phone. This way, when I come to sit and write, I have those feelings that I can tap back into. I write a lot from personal experience, there is a few nature references as I love adventures, running and hiking, you can hear that in songs like ‘Band Of Gold’ and ’Neptune’s daughter’.  What was it like to open for Coldplay and be the special guest for Keith Urban?  They were so much better than anything I have done before. Walking out onto that stage in front of tens of thousands of faces rather than just hundreds of faces; it was really exciting and such a buzz, and weirdly less nerve-wrecking because you can’t make out everyone’s expressions like you can with an intimate show. I just loved them and I can’t wait to do more stuff like that.  You were presenting at the ‘Songwriters in the Round’ from Glasgow’s Oran Mor. Do you still have the same nerves from it being live streamed to being a full audience in person?  Sometimes, with the live streams I have been doing from home in my own studio, I don’t get too nervous as they are a lot more casual and I can sit with my laptop and interact with people who are watching at that time. But filming with the songwriters up here in Glasgow at this amazing venue was quite nerve racking filming it live, there was no room for error. It was good to be back on stage again. Would you like to do more presenting? Yes. I love the presenting side of things, I used to host a radio show here in Glasgow, I am really passionate about championing new music and new artists as well as being an artist myself, so hosting those kind of shows is something I’d love to do a lot more of when we are back to live music. Will you be doing any live streams for your new album?  Yes, on Monday 18 Jan, I had a Zoom launch party, hosted by Banquet Records. I spoke about all the tracks and explained the process behind them. I am bound to do more live streams. As a songwriter would you be interested in being part of a reality show like a Songland?  That does sound really appealing to me as a songwriter. A show like Songland which works with songwriters seems legitimate, I would be up for that.  Do you have plans to tour (once it is allowed again)?  Yes, that is probably the most frustrating thing about releasing an album during a pandemic, I can’t do my own headline tour. I am waiting like we all are until the appropriate time to plan that, as soon as it is safe to do so, I will be doing a big tour to promote the album, even if it’s at the end of the year.  How have you been keeping busy since lockdown began?  I have finally had time to work the projects that I have put off for a long time, which I have wanted to do but haven’t had the time because I was always on the road. I am working on a children’s musical at the moment which has kept me really busy. There is a lot of learning I’m challenging myself with. Aside from that, lots of running and hiking and being outdoors as much as possible.  What music are you currently streaming?  Right now, I am starting my mornings with Alan Stone who I love. I discovered his music a couple of years ago, he just gets better and better. He would be my recommendation.  Plans for this year?  I will be promoting the album as much as I can online. I am coming up with lots of creative ways to do that. Also, I will be recording my own podcast soon which will be released with the album. It will be 12 episodes for the 12 songs. Each episode will feature a special guest who will be someone I wrote the song with or the producers or the person who directed that particular song. My listeners can get more of an insight into what went on behind the scenes. Neptune’s Daughter tracklisting
  1. All The Worse For Me
  2. Kissing Fools
  3. Chasing Aeroplanes
  4. Band of Gold 
  5. Neptune’s Daughter
  6. Waking up in California
  7. Cut Me Loose
  8. Hellfire
  9. Spoonful of Sugar
  10. Jessie
  11. You Can’t Catch Me 
  12. I Wanna Sing For You
Deluxe Digital Edition bonus tracks
  1. Chasing Aeroplanes (Acoustic)
  2. Cut Me Loose (feat. Samuel Jack) (Acoustic)
  3. Kissing Fools (Acoustic)
  4. Band of Gold (Acoustic)
  5. Hellfire (Acoustic)
  6. Jessie (Acoustic)


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