Molly Hocking Interview

Music Promotions had the honour to interview the winner of the voice 2019 and talk about finally releasing a debut single, side projects, Olly Murs, some very influential advice and much more.

What have you been up to since winning the voice?

So after winning the voice it has enabled me to travel around the world and perform in venues that I never thought I would perform in, I actually went on a cruise at Christmas, the Royal Caribbean cruise I performed for a month as the star guest which was amazing. I have also done the O2 with Olly, Camden roundhouse, celebrity events, Hyde park and it’s just amazing to work with amazing people and I’ve moved to London from Cornwall which was a big step for me.

Do you keep in touch with Olly? Any plans to record together?

He’s always going to be there if I need him, he is still very supportive, he’s a busy guy as well I respect that.

I would really love that, we did stars together and we recently dueted on one of his songs for my Instagram, you never know I mean the door is always there for him to walk through, I would love to…

What has life been like since winning The Voice?

I think most people think you get you get everything handed on the plate and that is not the case, I have worked so hard in my life to get where I am now, it’s been really hard work but I know when I release my single in November that it will all be worth it.

From the music you have been working on can you give us a little insight to what we can expect?

Yes, I was in the studio last year, all summer for about six, seven months, like 13, 14 hour days

I came up with so many different songs like summer anthems, ballads, country music, you name it. But the one I’m going to release is a really emotional song and I think that’s the right time in November for me to release that and it was actually really hard for me at the time to record the song because I’ve just gone through a breakup at the time but I am really excited for everyone to hear it.

Do you have any projects coming up that you can talk about?

Well, that’s actually a really good question because I’m working on a little side project, which I’m not allowed to tell anyone until it happens, but that is happening, I think I’ve kind of gone down the Adele and Amy Winehouse sort of Route, Ella Henderson went down that route, and now she’s doing remixes. So whatever…Whatever comes at me, I’ll just take.

How do you come up with your ideas for writing a song?

When I’m writing a song I will go into the studio and It can come from how I’m feeling that day, what the other people are like in the room how we are vibing, the surroundings, anything really. Sometimes I will just write a song about my favourite food and change the lyrics at the end of it so it just comes from anywhere.

Where do you inspirations come from when you’re writing a song?

I think one of the main songwriters I look up is sia. I think she is absolutely phenomenal. And she writes everything by herself. I think the other one than Sia, Lewis Capaldi, even though it’s quite cliche, he’s actually written all of his songs and he writes songs for other people as well just the way they write is amazing.

How does it feel to finally be releasing your single?

Finally!!! It was supposed to be April! It’s going to be released on the live final on The Voice in November so hopefully that platform will allow it to grow, I’m not sure but let’s see how it goes fingers crossed I can’t wait to go back to work. I am so lucky all of my fans have been so supportive.

What music are you currently streaming?

This might sound really strange but I love country songs like Blanco brown, Garth Brooks country roads. I just love driving in my car and listening to country songs. I also love, artists like Ella Mai, Jake bug, Ella Henderson and all the ones that you hear on Heart at the moment

Who influences you musically?

So I think it’s a given Eva Cassidy is my number one hand down no one else, but I really like Jake Bug his music is amazing, Sia and I love Elton John and Queen.

You have been doing live sessions, what have been some of your favourite ones to record?

I actually went up performing at an all-girls school in Brighton last summer and I met this amazing pianist called Eden. And we were just in the studio together and we decided to change up Say you’ll be there by the Spice Girls and I recorded that one the other day by myself with her backing it, and it’s just amazing. So that’s a favourite one. But other than that, I think I’ve just got a few originals and, sia songs. I like taking really upbeat songs and slowing them down.

Any artists you’d like to collaborate with?

I would love to do any collaboration’s with any artists it’s all about keeping every one engaged at the moment.

After your single comes out do you have plans to releases an album or EP?

I have got so many songs and demos that I’ve done in studios with different artists and people but I’m just waiting to release my single and my project on the side. See how they go. And yeah, I’m, really wanting to get more music out there depending on how well it goes.

What was it like to perform at Hyde Park alongside Celine Dion?

That was unreal because obviously that was like, a few weeks after I won the voice. I never expected to get such great live agents. My live agents have been amazing, they’ve got me so many gigs and they’ve enabled me to like broaden my fan base but backstage was the best bet bit ever I got free red wine which was amazing and free pick and mix and I met so many fans after id finished performing it was really special.

Any live shows coming up?

I have a few coming up in Cornwall, you can see the dates on my Facebook and Instagram so if you follow that you can come down and see me.

Final Messages from you

I’ve just got a message for everyone out that if you have a dream, no matter how big or how small, if you really want it go get it, because at the end of the day, you’re not here for a long period of time, So what have you got to lose? And someone also said to me once it’s all about luck, so I turned around and said, funnily enough, the harder you work, the luckier you get, so it’s not just about luck. If you work hard, and you really want it, you’ll get it.


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