Greg Scott Interview

Meet Greg Scott, the winner of Song land, see what he had to say when he spoke to Music Promotions about winning season 2, his song being used for 2021 Tokyo Olympics writing with songwriting genius and legend Ryan Tedder, touring plans and much more.

You won songland, what was your initial reaction when you won? 

I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs and hug everyone in the room! I kind of did that after the first step when they chose to move me through to the next round… I ran in circles screaming. hahaha! I think they got a little of that on camera.

How has winning Songland changed your life? 

Life has changed a lot but not at all – if that makes sense? I get recognized on the street, do more interviews and get pulled in way more directions but the crazy thing is, I’m still the same dude losing my mind over the same old things. The bills don’t stop and I still have to get up early and make sure my two boys don’t kill each other. 

How was your whole experience from Songland?

It was insane. My experience on Songland was crazy and life-changing. The cast and crew were so nice and respectful. It was unlike any show. They treated me and the other contestants like pros. The producers knew we were there because we belonged in the industry and we had a special message. 

What was it like to pitch your music in front of Ryan Tedder, Shane McAnally, Ester Dean, Bebe Rexha? 

It was mind blowing. That was the first time I sang the song live! I was ready though and I tried to let my life experience take over!

At what age did you begin singing and songwriting? 

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I was born into a musical family. As a toddler, I can remember crawling around in all of my Dads’ band rehearsals. They would take over the garage and couldn’t keep me out. It was a culture in our house every week, Dad was the lead singer and bandleader with mom feeding and taking care of the band.

As soon as I could walk and talk to my parents, both threw me up on stage. I went through a musical school of hard knocks you could say. Music has begun my identity. Music has taken me places I could never imagine. Live performing has given me a chance to travel to places I never thought I could go or thought I wanted to go. 

Who are your inspirations? Who did you grow up listening to?

Inspired by R&B/Soul, I would always cover my favorites like The Temptations, Jodeci, Boyz II Men growing up. I went on tour with K-ci & JoJo (lead singers of Jodeci) and learned a ton! I went through my Michael Jackson phase as well. Me being the perfectionist I am, I would study his dancing in such detail I would take my parent’s VHS tape recorder to film just my feet and compare the two over and over. MJ’s music is something that still pumps through my vines!

How long did it take you to write ‘Miracle’? What’s the story behind it? 

I had been writing for sync, television and film in Los Angeles and was loving it. I was taking life experiences and relating them to different storylines in television and commercials. In that world I met a guy named Mark Rudin. The first time we met, I blind session, we got into a studio and wrote and recorded ‘Miracle’ in about three hours. I quit teaching music and said ‘I’m going to make a living off solely performing and writing music.’ Rudin related to that and that’s basically what ‘Miracle’ is. It’s a story about believing in yourself, in believing that if you work hard and set your mind to something, then it’s going to happen. Songland LOVED it right away, as well as NBC Sports and the Olympic committee. After Bebe Rexha heard it, it was a done deal… It really doesn’t get any bigger than that! Life changing.

Miracle has also been chosen as the official 2021 Tokyo Olympic theme song? How was that for you? What was your reaction when you found out? 

It’s almost Impossible to describe the feeling that came over when I heard that. I freaked out so hard haha… The first thing I could think about was my wife and kids. It felt a lot like finding out my wife was pregnant for the first time. To be a part of Olympic history is a once in a lifetime experience. CRAZY AWESOME! I had no idea going into the filming of Songland that if my song was chosen it would be the theme song of the summer Olympics.

You’ve been in the studio with Ryan Tedder, what is it like to write with him? (For me he is a songwriting genius)

I was invited to Ryan Tedder’s (OneRepublic) Hollywood studio to work on the second version of my song ‘Miracle’. I thought I was just going to your typical everyday studio but the gates opened up and I was overtaken by the foyer looking straight out through the house to a dreamy zin like Buda overlooking a serene crystal white pool. The water separated two of the four studios in the house. His assistant offered me an espresso and I took a moment by the Buda to try and comprehend what the “F” was happening. If that wasn’t enough, I go to use the bathroom and sitting on the toilet was a Grammy Ryan won for Adel’s 21 album. Winning a grammy is my ultimate goal and has been a dream of mine my whole life. For that to be my line of sight while relieving myself was as surreal as you would think. After washing my hands, you know I had to pick that bad boy up. I looked in the mirror and had a Wayne’s World moment. “It will be mine. Oh yes. it will be mine.”

What songwriters would you love to write with? Who’s on your wish list? 

A dream of mine has been to work with Pharrell Williams. His sound and influence on culture are unlike any in the business and he seems like a good guy from what I’ve heard. A few buddies of mine have been on tour with him and they loved the experience. Every opportunity seems to be getting me closer!

What advice would you give to anyone who goes on the next season of Songland? And what advice would you give musicians in general wanting to take their music career to the next level? 

You’re going to get a lot of no’s and know that this is one of the most competitive businesses in the world and it’s very subjective, which is not the best combination. When the timing is right for you I promise it’ll all click. There were so many times that I put the weight of my whole world on one opportunity and was crushed when it didn’t work out, but when I look back now the timing just wasn’t right. Be patient, trust the process and never give up.

You have more music ready to be released like an album maybe? 

I just released a new single called “I Still Do” that I wrote with Sam DeRosa. I’m very proud of it. I’m always writing and producing though. My team and I are looking into 2021 for all my new releases. Can’t wait to share what’s been on my mind through this crazy new normal. 

All my music is upstreaming and available to purchase on every platform! If you search Greg Scott or Greg Scott music you can find it. Please go listen and follow me on the socials too (@gregscottmusic)! I’ll be updating everything leading up to the Olympics and I’m planning on releasing a full-length album around that time too! 2021 is going to be epic in so many ways!

Do you plan to go on tour when things are back to normal? 

Yes! Please stay tuned… I’m trying to travel to the UK and perform. Let me know if there’s any venues I should check out!

Any final messages?

Every time I sit down to write I strive to empower people to keep up hope, strength, perseverance and to love themselves no matter the path they choose. Since the day I was born I’ve watched my Dad perform for thousands of smiling faces and has since passed the torch. Now it’s my gift to give to bring people joy and hopefully win a couple grammy’s along the way!






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