Ashley Westlake Music Promotions Interview

Ashley Westlake
Future rising singer songwriter to watch Ashley Westlake kindly spoke to Music Promotions for an interview about the beginning of his career, picking a guitar up, songwriting, music influencers and much more. Give him a follow on his socials and stream his music on Spotify.
1. When did you first begin singing? I first began singing in my bedroom at the age of 11, I had my first karaoke machine and I would dance around like I was performing at a stadium! And over the years I’ve constantly practiced and it’s became a way to cope with my Tourette’s/Autism.
2. You write your own songs? Yes, I began writing my own material back In 2020 when we had absolutely nothing better to do, Come Back To Me (which you can listen to on my Spotify) was wrote in 2020 when I had a load of feelings and I just wanted to let it out, and the only way I could do that was in a song and that’s how it was created! My recent releases, Up All Night, The Sky, Better Things, Let You Go, Make Me Feel Alive, we’re all wrote witb my producer Tom Shawcroft, who also made all the beats for these tracks! They were all released on the eNGine room, a local label I’m signed to.
3. What’s the inspiration when your writing songs? Ed Sheeran! Everything he does just inspires me
4. What are your favorite songs to cover? Oooo, this is a good question! but if I had to pick, it would be Ed Sheeran – First Times or Iris By The Goo Goo Dolls 
5. You play guitar, do you play any other instruments? Yes I do! I play the piano
6. When will you have new music out via iTunes and Spotify etc? I can’t say to much 😉 however there will be something coming soon!
7. Any gigs coming up? Yes! I’m performing in alfreton on the 24th June 2023 as part of the June fest, This Is Taking Place At Shirland Village Hall, my set is kicking off at around 1:30pm!
8. You do quite a bit of busking, where can you be seen busking and do you have specific days? From next week, I will be busking in Mansfield! Possibly looking at Monday and Wednesday,Thursday
9. Who inspires you musically? It’s got to be either lewis capaldi or Ed Sheeran, the reason these two artists inspire me is because Lewis capaldi suffers from the same condition as me (Tourette’s Syndrome) and it can be quite embarrassing especially when the tics kick in! However he just goes out there and gives it his all and that really inspires me to do the same. And Ed Sheeran he’s just amazing, he’s an icon to a lot of people and I just love what he does
10. How would you describe your music style? I would say dance/pop mixed in with a bit of electronic
11. What music are you currently streaming? Westlife – Wild Dreams (Album) and Olly Murs – Marry Me (Album)
12. What artists would be on your list to work with? If anyone Ed Sheeran and Olly Murs for sure!
13. Who have been some of your favorite singers you have see live or are seeing live and who would you love to see live? I seen Olly Murs back in 2017 and met him backstage! This was complete shock to me and one of my most favourite nights ever
14. Final messages? All I can say to everyone, is to always stay positive no matter what, we all have bad times, but keep pushing forward it will all get better!


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