Callum Kerr Music Promotions Interview

From actor to country singer Callum Kerr swapped the UK for the home of country music ‘Nashville’ to pursue his dream of becoming a country music artist; from the singles he’s released so far, that dream is coming true. From more music releases to acting projects and live performances, Callum chats to Music Promotions.

 You moved to Nashville to pursue your music career. What’s it been like for you in Nashville?

It feels like home. I’ve lived and visited a lot of places that I’ve loved, but nowhere has felt like home till I found Nashville. The whole city has a passion for country music, and that’s exactly the kind of place I want to be. Not to mention, it’s a fun place!

What have been your favourite experiences since moving to Nashville? Is it all that you hoped for? 

It is all I hoped for and more. My favourite experiences have been writing in the big publishing houses, playing at The Listening Room, and going on a writer’s retreat in Panama.

As an independent artist, do you prefer being an independent artist rather than signed to a label? 

I prefer being independent right now. I get all the control and all the profits! That being said, if the right offer with the right big ole number to sign next comes along, I’d sign for sure. But it’s got to be the right deal. I’ve turned deals down before because they weren’t great. 

The last song you released, “Tamed By Tennessee” (a collaboration ), for anyone who doesn’t know the story behind this song. Can you talk about it? 

I heard my buddy Chris play the song at a writers’ round. I had been telling him to release it for the longest time. Then, one day, over a beer, we decided to put it out together. It totally captured my experience of moving to Nashville and falling in love, so I knew the world had to hear it. 

Any more calibrations in the works? Anyone you’d love to songwriters/release a song with? 

Nothing on the books right now, but I really enjoy a good collaboration. Who knows, do you have George Strait’s number??

Tequila Therapy (a personal favourite of mine ) When it comes to songwriting, where does your inspiration come from? 

When I’m writing on my own, inspiration typically comes from a melody. Then, I kind of mumble sounds, and eventually, words come out. Before you know it, they start making sense, and you build the rest of the song around that idea. 

Are you currently working on your next single? Anything you can reveal about it? 

I have so many unreleased songs. I post the demos on my Patreon, Cal’s Country Club. I plan on releasing a lot this year.

Are you working on an EP or full album to come out in the near future?

I’m just making songs right now. The whole industry is obsessed with singles, and it’s working for me at the moment. That’s not to say I won’t make an album in the future. I’d love to work on a 12-song record. But right now, I’m finding my sound and having fun releasing different styles.

Do you have anything live coming up? And anything in the UK?

I have a show on March 27th in Nashville at the OG Basement. Other than that, I’m focused on recording new music before I get out there on tour. 

You are also an actor, is acting something that you are doing or is your focus now the music side of things? 

Acting is something I’ll always do. I have a new TV show coming out soon that I can’t reveal.. In acting, you have to wait for the right opportunities – but you can wake up and write a song anytime you want – that’s why I love music so much.

Who are your musical influences? Early days I was really into a British band called Busted – that lead to Fall Out Boy, Greenday, the kinda “emo kid” stuff in the mid 2000s. I liked dance music and hip hop in my teens – then, as soon as I moved to Texas at 17, I was country-obsessed. EVERYTHING COUNTRY

What music are you streaming right now? 

Obviously a lot of country, old and new. Hip hop, dance.. and a few of those great singer songwriters – Pheobe Bridgers, Chelsea Cutler, Leon Bridges… and a guy called Nic D who inspired me to follow the indie route. 

What is your creative process for songwriting and recording? 

Changes every time. It can start with an idea, or a chord progression or a line. One thing I find is the more I do, the better I get. Songwriting is a muscle for sure. 

What have been some of your career highlights so far? 

Filming Monarch – was totally the vehicle that lead me to pursue a career in country music, as opposed to just being a huge fan. I feel I’ve just started and a lot of my favorite memories will be ahead of me. 

What are your plans for the rest of the year? 

Make music, release music, repeat 🙂

Final messages? 

Thanks to everyone who listened. Lots more to come 🙂






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