Grace Parry

Music Promotions had the honour to speak with talented singer songwriter Grace Parry about reaching no4 on the singer songwriter charts, new music, shoot music videos, the age she began singing and more besides the full interview is below.

How long have you been songwriting?

I have been songwriting since I was 11. I don’t know how good the songs were when I was 11, but i started writing compositions when I was 11 and playing the piano.

Have you always wanted to be a singer?

Yeah, as long as I can remember, to be honest, I mean, I’ve been writing music since I was 11.  When I was 11, it was just the music side of things. So I sit and write compositions at the piano and then with my team I developed my songwriting. 

All of your songs have a real heartfelt and deep connection behind them, do you find it easy to sit and write? Where do you find your inspiration?

Some songs take longer than others. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a lot of my own personal experiences. I think sometimes it’s easier if you have a heartbreak, because I write a lot of my songs on that type of topic. It’s really weird. I actually said to someone the other day, I sometimes think I’m not meant to meet anyone. I just need a series of people soI’ve got a catalogue of songs to write about. If I haven’t got an experience going on, I don’t know how to write. I mean, I can sit there and write a song about this and in this key, I can do it but it takes longer. If it’s something personal to me, I find it pretty easy, because that’s how the mechanism happens in my life. I write about it.

What has been your hardest song to write? 

The hardest one for me is a song called the night before. I wrote that song actually four years ago, and I haven’t released it yet. I’m hoping to release it this May. Because I couldn’t get a video done to it. It is a song I wrote about my dad. I lost my dad very suddenly, five years ago. That song is something very personal to me. But also, it took longer to write because I wanted to make sure it was paid back because it just summed up exactly how I felt. And I also wanted it to resonate with anyone who ever lost anyone they love. Although it is personal to me, I think a lot of people will be able to relate to this song.

Who influences you as a songwriter? 

I actually listen to a lot of r&b and I like old school r&b as a songwriter. Probably my biggest influence as a songwriter is Lewis Capaldi, I mean, the whole album lyrically and musically you can feel every emotion in his music and by that it is the kind of music you can feel, he is the kind of artist that I look look up and think I would love to be able to do that.

Can you tell everyone more about your single ‘Real’? 

It’s slightly different to anything I’ve written before. Ordinarily, the kind of stuff I listen to is that old school, r&b, New r&b and hip hop,  I’ve never written a song in that style. So ordinarily, I just sit at the piano and write a sad song.  Someone actually said something like, why didn’t you write them a happy love song so I put myself in the frame of mind as if I were in, like this exciting, passionate relationship and I was sort of wanted to be.
Because I think everyone really, no matter if they admit it or not, I do think that a lot of us fantasise about having that, you know, that fairytale romance. So I thought, right, let’s write about it. And just, you know, what would it be if I were to find the one? That passionate, exciting relationship? And then I just added a bit of sexy into it? Okay, let’s do something different that you know, people seem to really like, is that a really good response.

With the singles you have released so far, are you working on an album or EP to put out? 

Yeah, I have recorded a series of songs. So my goal last year was to record 20 songs, and then choose the best five or six. I’ve written them all and I’ve only recorded about six of them, because of the situation with everything going on in the world right now. And then they shut the studios beginning of this year, which is really disappointing to not be able to finish off everything. But as soon as they reopen I will be in the studio finishing my projects. And hopefully that will be out this year.

I have seen on your Facebook pages, you have actually done some l stripped back, acoustic versions of your songs. Do you think you will release any of those to iTunes  Or maybe even do an acoustic or live EP?

That’s always a good option to be honest, just to showcase something different. I would definitely be up for doing that.

Congratulations on reaching number 4 on the singer songwriter charts, how did that feel? 

Yeah, that was amazing. I didn’t expect it in a million years.  It was one of those songs that I was actually proud of the end result and I hope people like it. And a lot of my friends have downloaded it, I’ve had screenshots of people watching it like plugging it into the TV and it’s had a really, really good response but getting on to the songwriter charts, well I was quite shocked. My dream would be to get into the Official Charts.

Where was the video shot for Real, who came up with the video idea? 

Well, I shot the video in my friend’s house, because he let me use the swimming pool for the video. The other part of it was filmed in my mum’s office. So we only have really two locations. But it worked out for the best. I wanted to do something quite simple and sexy. So I came up with the basic ideas and worked with my videographer Gary Evans who directed it and came up with the full storyline. So he was really good. And he was excellent in helping us feel confident with each other.

In the future when it’s safe do you have touring plans? 

I haven’t got any plans at all at the moment. Not because I don’t want to; I’d love to. No, I could only dream about being on tour. I was gigging 4 times a week before all this happened and I miss it more than anything now I’ve been cut off!! When things return to normal I will be posting any gigs on my social media. 

What is a Grace live show like? 

It is a mixture of getting the crowds to be hyperactive and having a good time and then there’s also an element of sadness.  I do mashups of different songs like r&b pop, some cheesy stats, and then some of my own stack covers.  A mixture of everything, a lot of my own stuff and covers as well. So there’s a bit of everything for everyone in the genres. I think there’s footage of one of my gigs at Pride as well on my YouTube channel if anyone wants to check that out.

What music are you currently streaming and what would you recommend for your fans to stream? 

Let’s have a look, probably something sad at the moment! It is a bit of mixture, Becky Hill Forever Young, Justin Bieber and You’re Mine still featuring Drake. I also really love Hur.

Final messages?

I hope that every one can continue to try and pursue their dreams as much as we can in these times. Keep eye on my songs and stream them! i have more songs coming out soon!


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