Tigirlily Music Promotions Interview

Sisters country duo Tigirlily recently released new Blonde, now available to stream on all platforms including apple music and iTunes. They also took the time time to chat with Music Promotions about performing at C2C for the firstvtime, the first time they perform a new song to someone, signing with ”Shane Mcanally”, touring and much more.

1.  You recently performed at c2c in London , how was that for you?

  • Performing at C2C for the first time was something we will NEVER forget. We cannot wait until we get to come back again! The fans are INCREDIBLE and knew every word to “Shoot Tequila.”

2.  Tequila, great song, who drinks the most Tequila out of the both of you?

  • Probably Krista, but we both love a good margarita after a long week!

3.  When you have written a song, who is the first person you play your music to?

  • My husband (Kendra), our mom, and our publisher!!

4.  Have you written and recorded a song and then been like not sure about this and left it a while to come back and finish it?

  • When we head into the studio to record, we are pretty set on those being our favorite/best songs at that point. A lot of the “unsureness” happens while picking songs for a project, making sure the best songs always win! We like to give the songs space once we write them and come back to them later on to make sure we’re not too biased coming straight off a write.

5.  What was your first feelings when you signed with “Shane McAnally”?

  • Signing with Shane was an absolute dream come true! When we moved to Nashville, it was always one of our goals to write with him, so now to be signed to his label, publishing company, and for him to be an executive producer on our music is absolutely unreal. He is an expert in everything he does from songwriting to producing to helping develop new artists.

6.  You’ve been ’Tigirlily’ for over 10 years now, what have been some of your most challenging moments?

  • I think after being a band for so long, keeping the hope and motivation that all the hard work will eventually pay off is something we’ve had to be very intentional about. When the pandemic hit, we were out of work and I (Krista) almost went back to college, but we pushed through and decided that this dream we had been chasing was still worth it.

7.  What have been some of your high moments so far?

  • Obviously playing C2C for the first time and seeing people sing our lyrics back to us in an entirely different country! Signing our record deal with Monument Records, releasing our song “Somebody Does” during the pandemic, and having our first song (Shoot Tequila) at country radio! We get to make our Grand Ole Opry debut soon, and that will be another unforgettable moment!

8.  What was the story behind your current single ‘Blonde’?

  • Our whole goal as a duo has always been to bring that “girl group” energy to country music. Our song “Blonde” is all about being bold and confident in who you are and also being able to poke fun at yourself at the same time. We also wanted to shout out our favorite blonde of all time Miss DOLLY PARTON!! We stand by the fact that “Blonde” isn’t just a hair color, but rather a “Dolly Parton state of mind.”

9.  Your EP comes out in June, what does each of the songs mean to you?

  • Blonde: “Blonde” sets the tone for the whole tone for the EP. “Blonde” is a state of mind. It captures that girl group energy and is all about being bold and confident is who you are. It also points out that it’s okay to poke fun at yourself 🙂
  • Shoot Tequila: This is our “honky tonk” “let’s go girls” song! We spent 3 years playing downtown Nashville doing four hour cover sets for tips. We noticed a lot of the songs we were playing every night had a certain “party” “sing along” energy to them and wanted to write one of our own. “Shoot Tequila” captures the essence of having a little too much fun going out with your girls that your friends won’t let you live down the next day. 😉
  • Hometown Song: This is our most personal song off the EP. We struggled for so long trying to write a song about home; none of the songs conveyed exactly how we actually felt about our hometown. Once we were honest with ourselves, we wrote about not only the positive emotions and experiences but also the negative ones. “Hometown Song”  is all about the push and pull of growing up in a small town, wanting to prove people wrong and wanting to make people proud, wanting to leave, but also being extremely grateful for making you into the person you are today.
  • Move On: We firmly believe that if a girl wants to make the first move, she should go for it. “Move On” is all about empowering women to make the first move and not be afraid of going after what you like. 

10.  Will there be any live tours or festivals coming up for you?

  • This year we are playing everything from our own headlining shows, to fairs, to opening up for some of our favorite artists. So head to tigirlily.com to see all the tour dates!

11.  Final Messages?

  • We had the time of our lives making this music, and we hope people can laugh, cry, and crank it at all at their nearest honky tonk.


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