Harriet Music Promotions Interview

Talented singer-songwriter Harriet speaks with Music Promotions about her new album ‘The Outcome’ out May 12th, playing her music for the first time, songwriting, her UK tour, and much more.

What is the story behind ‘The Outcome’?

The record is about celebrating all the parts of us. There are some reflective, more vulnerable moments, and there are some that are more fun and empowering.

Can you talk us through some of the album tracks?

Story Of Your Life, the new single from the album, is about embracing the ups and the downs, and learning to really own all of life’s challenges. It’s both emotional and quite anthemic. I hope people feel as good listening to this song as I do singing it! Heartbreak Holiday, which has a more retro feel, I wrote about desperately wanting to be free of feeling sad after a breakup; letting your hair down, pretending to be someone else for the night. And Some Die Young is about keeping memories alive for as long as we can. There is quite a mix of moods on the album!

You talk about risking it all moving to London for you music, is there anything you would do differently and what advice would you give to anyone in the same position that you were in?

There isn’t much I would have done differently as I believe everything is part of the journey. But I do wish I had been more confident in saying what I did and didn’t want to do. Sometimes you have to listen to your gut and not be afraid to challenge people. I’m a bit better at this now, but still have a way to go. The advice I would give is to try and keep yourself at a short distance outside of your comfort zone. It’s the best place to be. I wish I had gone here more often when I was younger! And surround yourself with people that make you happy and love what you do. 

You’re also managing the album campaign yourself, how have you found doing this, what has been process?

I love people, so managing the relationships across my team is something I really enjoy. I’m fortunate to have a group of people around me who believe in what I’m doing, but aren’t afraid to challenge me. It’s an important balance. I’m a perfectionist and very organized, so all the scheduling and logistics of the campaign are something I have enjoyed getting my teeth into! I’ve learned a lot… you have to pick your battles! 

You are a very powerful, strong and driven musician, how do you keep your creative process in check?

Well that’s very kind. I’m not sure I feel this way all the time! I wish I was more disciplined with setting time aside to write every day. But I am constantly jotting down lyrics and recording voice notes of melody ideas. Things come to me all the time.

As a songwriter, who inspires you musically?

I grew up listening to a lot of singer-songwriters of the 1970s. Carole King, The Eagles, Billy Joel, ABBA. I’m so inspired by the soundscapes of that time. Particular chord progressions and production styles. Artists like these definitely influence my own music. I also love more contemporary artists like Kacey Musgraves, John Mayer, and Coldplay. And I’ve recently discovered Stephen Sanchez, who I am obsessed with! At the moment, I’m in love with Waffle House, The Jonas Brothers’ new single. It was written by Daniel Tashian who I’d love to work with one day. I’m really excited about Australian band Sheppard’s forthcoming album. I was lucky enough to work with George Sheppard on some new material when we were both in Sweden a few months back. He’s a great writer and has such positive, infectious energy! I’m hoping one of the tracks might end up on my next album, which, yes, I have already started working on!

When you are showcasing your music, do you get nervous when others are hearing it for the first time?

Yes! Songs don’t really come to life until you play them live. So it’s a mixture of nerves and excitement. I’m very lucky to have amazing fans though. They are always so enthusiastic at shows whatever happens!

You have your own headline tour starting in June, what can we expect from your live shows? How much time do you spend with your live band beforehand rehearsing?

I am actually going to rehearsals this week. I like to be well prepared so it all becomes second nature by the time I’m on tour; it makes for a more enjoyable gig. It’s been a while since I’ve performed with my full band, so I can’t wait!

Any venues and cities you are most looking forward to performing at?

We are returning to some venues we’ve played before but also some new ones. I’m particularly excited to travel outside of London and meet all the fans up and down the country

Do you get much time to sightsee before shows and sound checks?

Not really, no. I wish we did! However, the first thing I google when I arrive is “best independent coffee shops nearby”!

Final Messages?

“To live is to die some. Forget the outcome”


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